Manos Tsangaris
Unlock The Stillness

Unlock The Stillness is the first release on our very own Flying Eggs imprint. As the first label under the umbrella of basic tone, Flying Eggs acts as a home port for groove-driven experimental music

Switch off all machines, take a blank sheet of paper and wait – that’s what Manos Tsangaris calls his “little exercise”. A process to bundle thoughts and put them on paper. Such as the lyrics of the new EP Unlock The Stillness, which combine rhythmically flowing with poetic intensity and serenity with the sounds of peculiar instruments. Such as an antique water boiler, a baking tray or the inside of the Blüthner grand piano. In fact, not a single drumbeat was recorded. The studio itself and its interior served as material and source of the percussive flow. This expansion and simultaneous concentration of means opens up undreamed-of soundscapes.

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